Dairy Farm Assistant – Kohika Downs

Dairy Farm Assistant

Kohika Downs Ltd

Applications close 8 May 2024

Start Date 14 May 2024

We have an exciting opportunity for someone to join our highly motivated team as a Dairy Farm Assistant at Kohika Downs.

The role includes:

  • Milking – Assist in efficient and hygienic milking routine. Follow procedure to produce high quality milk. Understand factors that affect milk quality, & the reasons for regulations around milk quality safety. Assist with cleaning & maintain the milking plant and farm dairy equipment, and report any faults to senior staff.

  • Animals – Assist in safe handling of animals, report any health and welfare issues as per farm policy. Assist with moving and handling animals safely and observe and report on wellbeing of all classes of stock. Assist with mating management activities as directed.

  • Feed – Set break fences and feeds out as directed. Assist with pasture and crop weed control and learn about feed allocations and health issues associated with crops. Assist with feeding stock on-farm and growing young stock and be aware of changing feed needs.

  • Environment – Understand how dairy effluent
    systems operate and how effluent affects the on-farm environment and be aware of regional council requirements and their responsibilities to comply with these. Assist with maintaining the water system, be aware of regional council requirements around water use, and report any issues to senior staff.

  • People – Work well with others, building a strong team culture. Develop an understanding of what makes a good farm team, and how their actions affect the wider team.

  • Machines, vehicles, technology – Safely use and maintain
    vehicles on farm as directed by on farm policy. Learn about the farm irrigation system, and assist with identifying irrigation problems and making repairs, as directed. Know how to safely operate some farm vehicles and machinery and
    assist with basic maintenance.

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing – Be involved in building a health, safety, and wellbeing culture and adhere to the
    farm H, S & W policy. Identify hazards, understands safety procedures, and demonstrates safe on-farm work practices.

Shared accommodation provided.

We are an unirrigated rolling hill country farm on the Hunter Hills in Otaio.

We run a team of 5 staff, calf rearers and Tony (farm owner) who is the manager.

This is a great place to work as we have a very neat and tidy farm with best practice in all areas of farming and compliance.
Peak milking 1100 cows through an 80 bail rotary shed with cup removers and in shed feeding.

25 minutes away from both Timaru and Waimate.

Applicants must be living in New Zealand with a good level of spoken English. You will need a driver’s license and expect to live rurally, as we are inland from St Andrews in South Canterbury.
A level of ability in riding 2 and 4 wheel motorbikes is required for this permanent full time role.

Successful applicants must be honest and reliable with practical ability and good common sense. It would help to have some mechanical knowledge.

Our roster is 8 days on and 2 days off then 8 days on and 3 days off.  Weekend work will be required. Average 50 hours per week.

We strongly encourage ITO training and will provide on farm training.

We have a policy of no smoking on farm. There are no dogs or horses allowed.

Submit your interest by email to office@kohika.co.nz addressing the above requirements in a detailed cover letter and CV. A full job description is available on request.


Camden Group Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant

Camden Group Services Ltd

Applications close 16 April 2024

Start Date Negotiable

The Camden Group has an exciting new opportunity for someone to join our highly motivated team as our full time Accounts Assistant.

Reporting to the Business Manager, we’re on the search for someone with an excellent attitude, honesty, reliability, self-organisation and has a desire to work as part of a team. The purpose of the role is to coordinate the administration of financial information and other data for eight Camden Group businesses. The Accounts Assistant will also have working relationships with the General Manager, Farm Manager, Maintenance Manager and Consultant.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable functions, data reporting and general administration duties
  • You can perform data input activities quickly and accurately
  • You’re computer literate and able to pick up the operation of new software packages quickly, working paperless (We use Xero, Figured, SharePoint and Trello)
  • You can report and analyse data to enhance financial performance, identify opportunities for improvement and support planning
  • You have a professional standard of written and verbal communication, general office and administration skills
  • You have strong relationship building skills with the ability to relate to and influence a wide range of people
  • You’re aligned with the mission of the Camden Group and The Camden Way

Camden Group owns and operates large-scale dairy farms on the Central Canterbury Plains with highly experienced teams operating across 2,300 hectares. Being part of the Group means being part of a unique history – while helping to realise the potential of farming for generations to come.

We’re a high-performing team, lucky enough to work in a great environment. There’s talent, ambition and support at every level of the Camden Group along with opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills with an eye to the next step in your career. It’s all part of the Camden Way.

You’ll be based at our office in Dunsandel, and work 40 hours Monday to Friday.

We offer a competitive salary based on experience and skill level, health and life insurance, and time off for training. There are also opportunities for further growth within the Camden Group in seasons to come.

Sound like this would suit you? Email your CV and cover letter outlining why you’d be a perfect fit for this role to Travis Gordon, travis@camdengroup.co.nz by 16 April 2024. We will be reviewing applications as soon as we receive them.

A full position description is available on request.


Highveld Pastures

Highveld Pastures


Highveld Pastures was purchased in June 2021 as an existing dairy platform. The property is 230ha and aims to milk 850 cows.

Irrigation is by centre pivots and a linear irrigator, with connection to the Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme.

The business is a joint venture between the Camden Group, Waterton Agricultural Ltd, the Kilday, Maw and Coetzee families, John Donkers and Steffan Vermeer, who have all been involved with Camden Group businesses past or present.

Equity Managers Flo and Jen Coetzee run the day-to-day operations with support from the management teams at Camden Group and Waterton Agricultural.

Reynolds Road, Methven

Established 2021

850 cows

213 ha

Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme

54-bail rotary shed

5 staff

Management Team

Flo & Jen Coetzee

Equity Managers
Highveld Pastures

Terry Kilday

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Leo Donkers

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Glenn Jones

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Highveld Pastures

Te Pirita Enterprises

Te Pirita Enterprises


Te Pirita Enterprises is a contracting group of which Camden Group owns a portion. Their headquarters is situated on the northern end of Willsden Farm.

Services include:

  • Cultivation
  • Direct drilling
  • Drilling
  • Ploughing
  • Precision planting


John Deere 750A 6m Direct Drills

Two machines available when time is critical. Suitable for establishing all crops into all conditions. Provides hydraulic down pressure for consistent seed placement. Fertiliser and insecticide options with small seeds. Slug bait spreading.

8m Vaderstad Rapid Drill

Bio drill utilised for broadcasting of small seeds or planting two crops at once. Cultivation elements for reducing the number of passes pre-drilling. Fertiliser option available.

2 Vaderstad Tempo 12 row Precision Planters

Two 12 row Tempo planters available for fodder beet, maize and all other precision planted crops with section control. Fertiliser option available.

CLAAS 3400 large square baler

We have the ability to supply straw delivered on-farm. Quality product. Competitive pricing.

Cultivation Services

2 Vaderstad 7 metre Topdown Primary Cultivators

Utilised for intensive mixing and breadking down of clods after winter grazing, re-grassing and cereal stubble incorporation. A great all-round machine suitable for all soil types.

Bednar 10m Swifterdisc shallow disc cultivator

Suitable for chopping, mixing and incorporating of crop residue. Utilised for breaking down of clods and turf and provides a high daily output.

Sunflower Cultivator

8m cultivator used for finishing. Can be used with Vaderstad cambridge roller.

Sumo Quatro

Versatile cultivator with four elements that can be fine-tuned to adapt to a variety of conditions. Consisting of two rows of discs, staggered subsoiler legs providing full-width lift and pan shatter, two more rows of discs and roller. Up to 400mm working depth.

Case Quadtrac

The independent four-track design delivers maximum traction with minimum soil compaction. 500hp to guarantee cultivators can be pulled at correct depth.

8 Furrow Gregoire Besson Reversible plough

Versatile plough for high output performance.

Leveller and Roller Combination

8m wide for high daily output while also leaving a level and consolidated finish ready to drill or plant on. For use after the plough or Topdown. Folding fully adjustable leveller towing a Vaderstad cambridge roller with levelling boards.

Sharlands Road, Te Pirita

Management Team

Neil Costello

General Manager
Te Pirita Enterprises

027 922 3843

Gabi Costello

Business Manager
Te Pirita Enterprises

Leo Donkers

Te Pirita Enterprises

Kohika Downs

Kohika Downs

South Canterbury

Alto Holdings Ltd was set up in 2009 as a joint venture with Tony and Anna Wakelin. 50/50 sharemilking began in West Eyreton, with 1,050 cows on 340ha.

After 10 years of sharemilking, 2019 saw Camden Dairy Farms and Tony and Anna Wakelin co-purchase a 501ha dryland dairy farm in South Canterbury, renaming the company to Kohika Downs Ltd.

The property is self-contained with adjacent land leased for dairy support.

Kohika achieved their target of 420,722kgMS in their first season of 2019/20, and exceeded their 2020/21 target by achieving 458,241kgMS in their second season.

Back Line Road, Otaio

Established 2009

1,050 cows

436kgMS per cow



80 bail rotary shed

6 staff

Management Team

Tony & Anna Wakelin

Equity Managers
Kohika Downs

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Leo Donkers

Camden Group

Highbury Farm

Highbury Farm

Te Pirita

Highbury Farm was originally a dryland sheep farm.

Camden Group purchased the property in 2015 to run as the winter/silage support land for Chiswick, Prairie and Willsden farms.

An extra 80ha is also leased from Willsden Farm as the winter/silage support land for Camden Farm.

It was connected to the CPWL irrigation scheme in 2015 and the property was reconfigured to a dairy platform – removing 8km of mature pine shelter belts, relocating the house, garage and hay shed, installing new access lanes, installing irrigation and stockwater system and increasing base fertility.

The property is irrigated by 4 centre pivots for 222ha and set sprinklers in corners covering 25ha.

Sharlands Road, Te Pirita

Purchased 2015

Winter grazing
Support land


CPWL supply water

Management Team

Paula Buechele

Farm Manager
Highbury Farm

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Camden Group