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Camden Farm

Selwyn District

The 221ha Camden Farm was the first property purchased by the Group in February 1994, which had been operating as a traditional dry land beef farm.

Dairy conversion began as soon as the sale was completed. This involved upgrading the irrigation system, upgrading the stock water system, re-fencing and planting shelterbelts.

28ha is currently irrigated by three rotorainers, 108ha is irrigated by a 753m centre pivot, 60ha by a 600m centre pivot, and 18ha by sprinklers in the corners.

Milking began in August 1994 with 500 cows and was expanded to 700 cows by 1997. Current production with 214ha effective is 342,804kg milksolids or 1,602kgMS per hectare.

A new 54-bail rotary shed replaced the 40-a-side herringbone shed for the 2020-2021 season, which – when combined with other development – meant the stock numbers could be increased.

Rakaia Selwyn Road, Bankside

Established 1994

800 cows

438kgMS per cow


Groundwater irrigation

54-bail rotary shed

5 staff

Management Team

Oliver Hampson

Farm Manager
Camden Farm

Anta Chaudhary

Assistant Manager
Camden Farm

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Camden Group