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Chiswick Farm

Te Pirita

When Chiswick Farm was purchased in 1999, it operated as the winter support land and silage farm for the Camden, Willsden and Prairie farms.

After connecting to the CPWL irrigation scheme in 2015, Chiswick was converted to dairy in 2016.

With the fifth season in 2020/21, production with 240ha effective is 406,943kg milk solids or 1,621kgMS per hectare.

Irrigation is delivered for 100ha by 515m centre pivot, 110ha by 3 rotorainers, 7ha using fixed sprinklers and 12ha is covered by the Prairie Farm pivot.

Sharlands Road, Te Pirita

Purchased 1999

930 cows

438kgMS per cow


CPWL supply water

60 bail rotary shed

6 staff

Management Team

Mike Spiers

Farm Manager
Chiswick Farm
Assistant Manager
Chiswick Farm

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Camden Group