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Kohika Downs

South Canterbury

Alto Holdings Ltd was set up in 2009 as a joint venture with Tony and Anna Wakelin. 50/50 sharemilking began in West Eyreton, with 1,050 cows on 340ha.

After 10 years of sharemilking, 2019 saw Camden Dairy Farms and Tony and Anna Wakelin co-purchase a 501ha dryland dairy farm in South Canterbury, renaming the company to Kohika Downs Ltd.

The property is self-contained with adjacent land leased for dairy support.

Kohika achieved their target of 420,722kgMS in their first season of 2019/20, and exceeded their 2020/21 target by achieving 458,241kgMS in their second season.

Back Line Road, Otaio

Established 2009

1,050 cows

436kgMS per cow



80 bail rotary shed

6 staff

Management Team

Tony & Anna Wakelin

Equity Managers
Kohika Downs

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Leo Donkers

Camden Group