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Highveld Pastures


Highveld Pastures was purchased in June 2021 as an existing dairy platform. The property is 230ha and aims to milk 850 cows.

Irrigation is by centre pivots and a linear irrigator, with connection to the Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme.

The business is a joint venture between the Camden Group, Waterton Agricultural Ltd, the Kilday, Maw and Coetzee families, John Donkers and Steffan Vermeer, who have all been involved with Camden Group businesses past or present.

Equity Managers Flo and Jen Coetzee run the day-to-day operations with support from the management teams at Camden Group and Waterton Agricultural.

Reynolds Road, Methven

Established 2021

850 cows

213 ha

Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation Scheme

54-bail rotary shed

5 staff

Management Team

Flo & Jen Coetzee

Equity Managers
Highveld Pastures

Terry Kilday

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Leo Donkers

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Glenn Jones

Director and Supervisor
Highveld Pastures

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Highveld Pastures