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Aylesbury Grazing


Aylesbury Grazing was converted from a forestry block to pasture in 2005 and was operated as an irrigated sheep and beef finishing farm by the Selwyn Plantation Board.

Camden Group purchased the property in September 2010 to use as dairy grazing for Camden Group dry stock.

It has been redeveloped to dairy farm level by upgrading irrigation, stock water, fertility levels, re-pasturing and fencing.

The property is irrigated using three centre pivots for 270ha, 4 single span towable pivots covering 65ha and set sprinklers for 40ha.

The farm carries:

  • 1650 calves from 1 December to 31 April
  • 1650 heifers from 1 May to 1 May
  • 200 IC heifers in May
  • 120 Jersey bull calves from 1 December through to heifer mating, then sent to grazing
  • 120 R2-year bulls from October to December, then they are used across Camden Group dairy herds to tail after AI
  • 180 carryover cows which are grazed and mated on-farm and sold to the Group farms if required.

Grange Road, Burnham


Dry stock grazing


CPWL supply water

3 staff

Management Team

Simon Rabbidge

Farm Manager
Aylesbury Grazing

Tayla James & Beau Galletly

Associate Farm Managers
Aylesbury Grazing

Terry Kilday

General Manager
Camden Group

Travis Gordon

Business Manager
Camden Group