Farmers Weekly: Many Small Changes add up

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February 2019: Farmers Weekly article on Willsden Farm

Many small changes add up

Published by Farmers Weekly 18 Feb 2019

A Canterbury farm is hitting its environmental goals ahead of schedule. Tony Benny reports.

Changing the regrassing programme along with tweaks to fertiliser and irrigation practices has allowed Canterbury family-corporate farmer the Camden Group to achieve the 30% reduction in nitrogen losses demanded by the Canterbury Regional Council, ECan, well before the 2022 deadline.


Business Rural: Manager’s role completes full rotation

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2019: Business Rural

Manager’s role completes full rotation

Published by Business Rural, 2019

Becoming manager of Camden Group’s Willsden Farm was just a “hop across the fence” for Robin Hornblow. For Robin, who is nearing the end of his first season as manager of the Te Pirita unit, it was a matter of coming full circle.

“I used to work on this farm ten years ago when I was a student at Lincoln University. It felt a bit strange coming back as manager but it’s a good challenge and it has changed so much since I was here anyway,” he says.

John Deere: The Colours of Your Land

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May 2017: John Deere

The Colours of your land

Published by John Deere, May 2017

Meet Leo Donkers, a proud dairy farmer operating a sustainable business on the Canterbury Plains at the foot hills of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

This intensive farming operation is reliant on high quality pasture, produced using advanced and reliable equipment and machinery this makes them green and yellow. This farming legacy is built on hard work and dedicated to environmental sustainability.