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Dairy Farm Assistant

Kohika Downs Ltd

Applications close 8 May 2024

Start Date 14 May 2024

We have an exciting opportunity for someone to join our highly motivated team as a Dairy Farm Assistant at Kohika Downs.

The role includes:

  • Milking – Assist in efficient and hygienic milking routine. Follow procedure to produce high quality milk. Understand factors that affect milk quality, & the reasons for regulations around milk quality safety. Assist with cleaning & maintain the milking plant and farm dairy equipment, and report any faults to senior staff.

  • Animals – Assist in safe handling of animals, report any health and welfare issues as per farm policy. Assist with moving and handling animals safely and observe and report on wellbeing of all classes of stock. Assist with mating management activities as directed.

  • Feed – Set break fences and feeds out as directed. Assist with pasture and crop weed control and learn about feed allocations and health issues associated with crops. Assist with feeding stock on-farm and growing young stock and be aware of changing feed needs.

  • Environment – Understand how dairy effluent
    systems operate and how effluent affects the on-farm environment and be aware of regional council requirements and their responsibilities to comply with these. Assist with maintaining the water system, be aware of regional council requirements around water use, and report any issues to senior staff.

  • People – Work well with others, building a strong team culture. Develop an understanding of what makes a good farm team, and how their actions affect the wider team.

  • Machines, vehicles, technology – Safely use and maintain
    vehicles on farm as directed by on farm policy. Learn about the farm irrigation system, and assist with identifying irrigation problems and making repairs, as directed. Know how to safely operate some farm vehicles and machinery and
    assist with basic maintenance.

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing – Be involved in building a health, safety, and wellbeing culture and adhere to the
    farm H, S & W policy. Identify hazards, understands safety procedures, and demonstrates safe on-farm work practices.

Shared accommodation provided.

We are an unirrigated rolling hill country farm on the Hunter Hills in Otaio.

We run a team of 5 staff, calf rearers and Tony (farm owner) who is the manager.

This is a great place to work as we have a very neat and tidy farm with best practice in all areas of farming and compliance.
Peak milking 1100 cows through an 80 bail rotary shed with cup removers and in shed feeding.

25 minutes away from both Timaru and Waimate.

Applicants must be living in New Zealand with a good level of spoken English. You will need a driver’s license and expect to live rurally, as we are inland from St Andrews in South Canterbury.
A level of ability in riding 2 and 4 wheel motorbikes is required for this permanent full time role.

Successful applicants must be honest and reliable with practical ability and good common sense. It would help to have some mechanical knowledge.

Our roster is 8 days on and 2 days off then 8 days on and 3 days off.  Weekend work will be required. Average 50 hours per week.

We strongly encourage ITO training and will provide on farm training.

We have a policy of no smoking on farm. There are no dogs or horses allowed.

Submit your interest by email to addressing the above requirements in a detailed cover letter and CV. A full job description is available on request.